OZ2I Henning
DENMARK, CQ:14, ITU:18, Loc:JO45RF


  [26. November 2020]
Today I received the DXCC award made in Albania.

  [23. November 2020]

21-22 November was LZ DX Contest. I participated in the Single Operator CW All Band category. You may read more informations on THIS WEB-SITE.

  [8. November 2020]
This weekend I was doing the Ukrainian DX Contest from the clubhouse in Aabenraa, OZ6ARC.
See more info here.

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  [1. November 2020]
In the ARRL DX CW Contest 2020 I became the Continental Winner in Africa.

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  [1. November 2020]
This weekend I was doing some hours of contest. The Russian DX MM Contest where I participated 8 hours with CW only. Look here

  [1. November 2020]

  [21. October 2020]
The unification of Southern Jutland with Denmark took place 100 years ago. I participate in the celebration and are active with the special call sign OZ1ØØMILL. MORE INFO

  [19. October 2020]
OU2I participated in the Work All Germany Contest 2020. TAKE A LOOK

  [3. October 2020]
I participated in the TRC DX Contest as SO AB CW.   Look here

  [28. September 2020]
So the SAC contest 2020 are finished for me and you may find my result here: comments.htm

  [28. September 2020]
Now I have visited two more countries; Vatican and San Marino. That gives me 50 different countries where I have been.
Look here

  [6. September 2020]
I participated in the CWops Open Contest. My Team was named EU-CWOps Eurockets. MORE INFO

  [1. September 2020]
Claimed scores for the 2020 WPX CW Contest. MORE INFO

  [1. September 2020]
Qualification standings for WRTC 2022 in Italy has been updated. See standings here.   In this table you can see my activity in the contests. I only need one more contest to finish.

  [9. August 2020]
My activity in the Worked All European DX Contest 2020 from EDR HQ station.
CLICK here for more info.

I made 408 QSO's and 618 QTC's - great fun and very nice to receive messages ;o)

  [6. August 2020]

  [2. August 2020]
You may find my result of the EU HF Championship here
  [28. Juli 2020]
Saturday August 1st  I will participate in the European HF Championship - CW LP

  [26. Juli 2020]
My activity in the RSGB IOTA Contest 2020 with the 12 mtr vertical antenna.

  [25. Juli 2020]
My wire antenna has been broken for a long time and I have had to go to the club to be on the air. Now I have repaired the wire and UNUN and ended up with the 10 meter DX-Wire Heavy Duty Glass Fibre mast mounted at the end of the house and a 12,1 meter wire from near the ground and to the top. The Diamond UNUN is mounted approximately 50 cm above ground and there are no radials.
This compromise solution provides a very simple antenna with a very poor signal but it can be tuned on all bands 160-10m and in the RSGB IOTA contest it gives me contacts inside Europe and some Asiatic Russian - everybody "hard to get".

I have to find another solution before I can use it in the bigger Contests.

  [13. Juli 2020]
I participated as OZ1HQ from the club in Aabenraa OZ6ARC operating 10 meter with 100 Watt.
Read more here: www.OZ1HQ.dk

  [17. June 2020]
I participated as OU2I from DCA station.
It was Hi Power because the contest do not have a Lo Power category.
Read more here: Analyze

[16. June 2020]
World Radio Team Championship 2022 - Standings today

  OZ2I Oz1bii Henning
Total WRTC qualification points: 1601
Total WRTC qualification points (with claimed scores): 2321
Area rank: 30 in EU3
Country rank: 1 in OZ - Denmark
Multi operator entries: 0
Outside own area entries: 4
Total contest entries: 6


[16. June 2020]
Today I received a plaque for winning Scandinavian Activity Contest SO AB TB/Wire 2018


[1. June 2020]
In the CQ WPX CW Contest 30-31 May I was periodical active.
It was a new experience to see how it would work out for me. I planned to rest in 2-3 hour periods, and that way I would be active in different times under the contest.
It seemes to work out well. I was active in 33,5 hours.

2020 5Q6EE


[18. May 2020]

See picture in big scale

[12. May 2020]

30-31 May I will participate in the CQ WW WPX CW Contest.
Just like last year it will be with my "di-dit" call sign 5Q6EE, as Single Operator LP and
QTH will be at the EDR HQ station.

You may find a list of links to my earlier WPX results here.

[2. May 2020]
Final scores for the 2019 CQ WW CW Contest has
arrived and I got a nice 6th place in NA, made a new Greenland record and also a Zone 40 record.

Se resultat her: www.oz2i.dk/cqww-2019       eller søg på CQ hjemmesiden her:   WWW.CQWW.COM

    [1 May 2020]

    I have joined the Russian Contest Club RCC and have been given membership number 677.
    In the coming weekend on May 2 from 03-09 UTC there is a test that looks exciting - I will try it.
    Here you read more: http://www.contest.ru/registration-rcc/

    Start: 2. maj 2020 kl. 03:00 UTC          Modulationstyper: CW, SSB
    Afslutning: 2. maj 2020 kl. 08:59 UTC     Bånd: 80 m, 40 m, 20 m, 15 m, 10 m


[26 April 2020]

I participaterd in the Helvetia Contest from the Clubstation at 0Z6ARC Aabenraa. Using my Elecraft K3 radio and the Clubs antennas.
A Fourbander with a single element for 40m band. It works great except that the rotation dont work and the antenna turns as the wind blows. Most of the time in a northern direction. The other antenna is a dipole for 80m band. I am working for a repair and maybe setting up a Windom 10-160m.

The Helvetia contest was OK and I participated 9 hours in the All band LP CW class.
Read more about it her.

[22 March 2020]
Now finished a great weekend with the RDX Contest 2020. Lots of stations active and plenty of contacts made.
The OZ Record (SO CW LP) for this contest is from 2013 and made by myself. 815 QSO's - 354 Mults - 1.709.820 points. So that was what I wanted to do better.
I made 961 QSO's and 339 Mults giving me 1.790.259 points. So...

Last year I had a reduction of 6%, 2018=16%, 2017=7%, 2016=5%, 2014=5%, 2013=3% and 2012=4%. In 2015 I was doing Multi-two at DCA station and we had a reduction of 11%.
This year the reduction must not exceed 5% if I shall make a new OZ Record.
And it depends of coarse on other OZ participants ;o)

Look at the analyze page for 2020 here.

Here you find the On-Line score server

See bigger     [29 February 2020]

  • Preliminary scores for the ARRL DX CW Contest 2020 is now on-line and I find my score is really nice.
  • Claimed: #1 Madeira - #1 Africa - #6 DX - #11 World Wide
  • Category Single-Operator Lo-Power Non-Assisted with 916 participants in this category.
  • 1800 QSOs, 236 mults and claimed 1.255.992 points
  • Find more informations here


[29 February 2020]
I participated in the new EurAsia Contest for just over an hour today. There were many to contact. I used Single Band 20 meters. It turned into 75 QSOs in 1 hour and 17 minutes and yielded no less than 3,775,770 points - if the program made the correct calculations.
Look here for more information

I had taken my radio and computer down to the OZ6ARC Aabenraa club where I used a Beam and a dipole antenna. Unfortunately, the rotor does not work so the antenna itself decides what direction to point ;o)

At 13.00z the UBA Contest started and there is usually good activity. I did some Search & Ping in the start but later there were some nice Runs. In a short ten minutes period I reached a rate of 156/h and that is fun.
I joined saturday for 3 hours and sunday for 3 hours. That gave me 304 QSOs which yielded 22,152 points.     See more info here

[19 February 2020]

QUINTA DAS TORRES [The Tower Farm] - This was the place where I could stay and be active in the ARRL DX CW Contest 2020. The farm belongs to Ricardo CT3KN and I have been there more times and using his TriBander and the dipoles. Very effective instead of my 10mtr vertical for travelling.
The weather was not as good as it can be on Madeira, but actual a Contest is mostly indoor practise ;o)

It became a very good weekend and allthough I missed contacts on 10 meter band I totally made 1.800 QSO and 236 multipliers [including 22 dupes].
Take a look at this link: 2020 CR3EE

[04 February 2020]
Together with EI5KF Gerard and OZ7AM Alex I did participate in the CQ WW 160meter CW Contest as Multi-One using the antennas at DCA and the OZ5E call sign.   It was an exciting weekend with lots of technical challenges and many great RUNs. All in all a Contest weekend as it should be.

Thank you Andrew and Jan for your hospitality.

Now we entered 2020 and a new year has begun - and so have a whole bunch of new Contests.

My year started with new website and I have made some improvements. One of the news is my section regarding my Contest Expeditions including past and coming trips - still working on it.   Another thing is the Contest-page that have been updated with more analyzes and including all the tests. Feel free to take a look ;o)

I have some plans for 2020 and the first activity will be a Multi-one operation together with Gerard EI5KF. We will participate in the CQ WW 160 Meter Contest 24-25-26 January from the Danish Contest Academy in Stjaer with the call sign OZ5E.

Next planned activity will be from Madeira in the ARRL Intl DX CW Contest 15-16 February with my call sign CR3EE. In 2019 I was active three times from Madeira and with the great help from Ricardo CT3KN who kindly let me use his "Tower Farm". I really look forward to meet him in February.

In the end of May, my focus is on the CQ WPX CW Contest. I will try to arrange a tour for Danish radioamateurs to Albania where I have two good friends; ZA1U Edmond and ZA1F Fatos. Three times earlier I have been in Albania and together with both. I hope we will be a lot of Danish radioamateurs doing a lot of antennas and a lot of QSO's from Albania and also exploring the country.
Send me an e-mail if you are interested and want to get involved - ha@oz2i.dk

I hope we meet in one of the CW Contests during the year !

Find the standings for all OZ stations here

Find the standings for all OZ stations here