Contest expeditions

CQ WPX Contest from Malta

I will be active from Malta with the special call sign 9H6EE and hope to meet you in the CQ WPX CW Contest 25-26 May.

ARRL DX CW on Iceland

Antenna preparations for TF2R


I will be participating in the International ARRL DX CW Contest 17-18 February 2024 from the QTH of Georg TF2LL.
The callsign TF2R is the Contest callsign of the club “Radíó Refir” (English: Radio Foxes), established in the summer of 2010, by some Icelandic radio amateurs.

MALTA – Tuesday 23. January

Today I visit “Marconi Amateur Radio Circle” another club in the town of Mtarfa (Near Mdina). I have been invited to use their nice station and look forward to meet them. Keep an eye on the RBN and the Cluster for 9H/OU2I

MALTA – Sunday 21. January

My first visit was at the clubstation of MARL placed in Valetta. Lots of members were there and also vissitors fro Wales. The radiostation is located in the middle of town, in an old industry area now owned by the authorities and rented by the club.
In the shack there is a hugh amount of different radioes and other amateur gear. The radio that I must activate is an Icom 7300 connected to the 3 elm beam for 10-15-20 meter band.

I will be there Tuesday and Thursday evenings and will be active with CW as 9H/OU2I. See you on the bands.


20. January I leave cold Denmark and travel to Malta – more precisely to Mellieħa Bay at the Holiday Centre. I bring my QRP rig, Elecraft KX3 and my 10 meter glasfibre mast including some wire and rope. Then I will try to see if somebody can hear me calling CQ de 9H/OU2I 🙂

Departure on 21 November. Train and plane tickets have been purchased. 4-wheel drive has been ordered and the apartment is ready. First QTH is located southeast of Vatnajökull glacier, Kálfafellsstadhur and second QTH is far south near Vík í Mýrdal.
My callsign this time will be TF/OU2I and only mode is CW.
I will be active as much as possible and I will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest 25-26 November as much as possible

Hope to meet you on the airwaves
Keep an eye on the Cluster to find me



Tetovo in Macedonia

My first day in Tetovo. I stay at Lirak Hotel in the midle of town. Got a single room with a tiny balcony and luckily it is at the top most floor.
I have put up a simple vertical antenna, but for now only 3 QSO in the log.


CQ WPX CW 2023

23rd May I travel to Macedonia and expect to be active from there in the upcoming CQ WPX CW Contest 27-28 May.
I have applied for the call sign Z38EE

The Z38 is intended for foreigners who have a longer stay in Macedonia and I think of spending some time in the country for the next six months – doing some more of the big Contests (it may even be CQ WW)

I bring my standard equipment to Macedonia = Elecraft K3s + PalmRadio Mini Padle + 10 meter DX-Wire Mini mast + 11,30m wire + Diamond 9:1 UNUN + Lenovo Laptop + 23Amp Power supply + cables etc.

Listen for Z38EE on the bands !


May 6th I fly to Edinburgh in Scotland, rent a car and drive from there to Dumfries, Lockerbie, Kirkcusbright, Castle Douglas, around Galloway and will be active from Dumfries as MM/OZ2I. Perhaps I will do some of the ARI Contest and maybe the ICWC tests.
May 9th I drive via Liverpool and a ferry to Isle of Man where I will be active as MD/OZ2I from Douglas. I will try to be active in the CWT Contests from there.
I could be active as M/OZ2I from Liverpool, but I’m not sure of that. Maybe /P with my mobile-whip.

I bring my Elecraft K3s, my Paddle, my Laptop, my mini DX Wire pole, a 9:1 UNUN and some wires and interface cables.
I look forward to meet you on the bands.

Algeria Call Sign = 7 U 7 E E

This expedition was cancelled because of lack of VISA from the Algerian authorities and because of fails in the Danish postal company.

VISA for Algeria

Today the Algerian Embassy in Denmark called me and told me that my application was received together with my payment. He told me there is no problem for me and he encouraged me to buy tickets for the flight from Billund Denmark to Algier Algeria.
Also he told me that the weather in Djelfa at this time is very cold and they got snow ! Snow that near to Sahare Dessert ! I am very supprised ! He also told me to bring warm clothes ;o)

I can bring my radio equipment – just have to declare everything when I arrive in Algier airport.
So now I have booked flight leaving Denmark 15. February and returning from Algier 23. February. I really look forward to meet you on the bands as 7U7EE – CU !

ARRL int. DX CW Contest

So I prepare for the ARRL DX CW Contest and think it will be in Algeria. I have applied for VISA and have an agreement with The Great Dessert of The World Radio Club in Djelfa to use their antennas. It looks very good and the 14th of February I will leave for Algeria.
My call sign will be 7U7EE so please listen for me in the contest.

I really hope for a good contest condition and maybe I can get some nice new rank for my listing. CU

CQ World Wide CW Contest

The contest in Prishtina did go well, except for the 80m band where the antenna did not work and the noiselevel was high. I was active from Z62FB Fehmi’s radiostation outside the town with a Beam and a dipole for 40m.

Z68EE are claimed Score !

Second Z68EE Activity

Now my plans for participation in the CQ World Wide CW Contest 26-27 November 2022 is made. I will be in Kosovo from 24. November until 30. November and will be as active on the bands as possible.
For use in the Contest I have an agreement with Fehmi Z62FB that I may use his antennas.

First Z68EE Activity

September 16th I activated the callsign from a hilltop some Kilometers north of Pristina. We arrived in Kosovo 15. September and found our hotel in the center of Pristina. We went out in town and found a nice place to get some food to sleep on.

Next day I drove to a hilltop I have found on Google Map. It should be one of the highest hills nearby – Google said 1050 meter ASL – and that was good for me. It took me about 1½ hour to find the exact position and another ½ hour to put up the gear.
Radio is Elecraft K3 running about 60 Watt and the Antenna is HF-Pro Mobile mounted with a magnetic foot and with a total length of “mighty” 270 cm.
Two hours activity brought me 89 QSO’s in 29 different countries including W, JA, PY and UA9. Nice result of my first Mobile activity.

My next activity from Kosovo will be to participate in the 2022 CQWW CW Contest as Z68EE.

Balkan Tour 2022

On 14-18 September 2022, the annual IARU High Speed Telegraphy World Championships will be held in Soko Banja, Serbia. Together with OZ8X Harald, I will be there as guest.
We have planned a round-trip thrue five of the Baltic countries and we will bring a radio as well as antenna and other equipment, so that we can be active during most of the trip. E7 – YU – O4 – Z6 – ZA
The tour starts in Tuzla, Bosnia-Hercegovina on September 11 and ends in Sarajevo on September 23.

The planned route is shown here

Listen for us using different callsigns = 4O/Homecall + YU/Homecall + E7/Homecall + Z6/Homecall + ZA/Homecall
I got the personal call for Kozovo Z68EE

OY7EE Activity

This time I went to Faroe Islands for participating in the WAEDC CW Contest 13-14 August 2022.
When arriving to the islands I first drove to the Faroe Radioamateur Club in Torshavn and got arranged that I could use the two vertical antennas for my radioactivity.
So I mounted my Elecraft K3, my paddle and my computer and was ready to use my call sign OY7EE that I just got by the authority for use 11-16 August 2022.
It became a realy nice trip.

Read more under the Menu “Contest

E J 7 E E Activity

I have made another great arrangement with Gerard EI5KF for the RSGB IOTA Contest 30-31 July 2022.
Gerard, David and I will go to Bere Island Friday 29. July to get ready for the IOTA Contest starting Saturday at 12:00 UTC. Bere Island has IOTA number EU-121.
Late Sunday evening we will Return to Mitchelstown.
Then I expect to be active as EI7EE from the Avondhu Radio Club for some days. We look forward to meet you on the bands.

Starting February 16th 2022:

I will be leaving Denmark for a trip to Azores from where I am going to participate in the ARRL DX CW Contest 19-20 February as SO LP AB.
I have contact with Bruno CS8ABG and the local club in Ponta Delgada. They have an longwire for 160-10 meter bands.
Occasional Call Sign CQ8EE approved by ANACOM and I expect to be active both before and after the contest.

My final result of the ARRL DX CW Contest 2022


Gerards well-equipped Radiostation

This 2021 CQWW CW Contest I made from Ireland. Visitting Gerard EI5KF and using his great station for my participation as
Single Operator – Low Power – All Bands – CLASSIC (24 hrs).

This was a great new experience with many good RUNs to 3-points America and Caribia on 40 meter band. Also nice opening on 10 meter to SA. It was a very nice experience to operate from Ireland.
I was there from 22. November until 3. December 2021

Read more here.


9. August 2021 I left Denmark and traveled to Bermuda for the first time ever. I was active with my temporary call sign VP9EE from the apartments of VP9GE, Ed Kelly in Hamilton.
Only mode was CW as usual and I participated in the Worked All European DX Contest as
Single Operator – Low Power – All Bands.
Not that great experience as I had expected, but a very nice island and great service by Ed. Hopefully I met you on the bands.

See more info here.


I have been in Albania several times and it has always been a great pleasure to meet my two friends ZA1F Fatos and ZA1U Edmond.
It all started in 2015 when my son and I made a roundtrip starting in Skopje, Makedonia where we rented a car. From Skopje we drowe to Prizren, Kosovo and on to Tirana in Albania. Here I have made an appointment with Edmond and Fatos to meet them and go together to the Autoriteti I Komunikimeve Elektronike Dhe Postare and try to get me a license for a later visit in May. No way I could get an Albanian call sign but I had to use the CEPT assignment ZA/OU2I.

My first radioactivity from Golem in Albania was in the 2015 CQ WPX CW Contest and I made 1264 QSO’s with my Elecraft K3 100W, a wire antenna and a Diamond BB7 vertical. It gave me a WPX-Trophy as “WORLD WINNER of CONTEST EXPEDITIONS 2015”. Best 10-minutes rate: 120
More information

In 2017 I went to Albania again and met with my two friends at the hotel in Golem. Also this year it was for the CQ WPX Contest. I found time to visit OH2BH and OH2AT who was in Durres building a station. Conditions were down and I got only 1210 QSO’s. Best 10-minutes rate: 120

The CQ WW DX CW Contest 2018 I made from Albania from the same hotel in Golem and again with great help from Fatos and Edmond. Not many people in Albania speak English so it is a great help to have two local amateurs who can talk with hotel owners and neighbours when the antennas are to be mounted. Best 10-minutes rate: 180


2014 was my first time in Cayman Islands and I participated in the CQ WW DX CW Contest. I have found a condo via the internet owned by an American radio amateur and I rented it, including a long wire and a Butternut vertical antenna mounted about 2,5 meter from ground. With my Elecraft K3 and a 1:9 UNUN I did more than 2.200 QSO’s in the Contest and contacted not less than 99 DXCC entities in that weekend.
Also I had my highest one-hour rate ever; 172 Q/hr.   Best 10-minutes rate: 204

The 2014 trip was a bit expensive so in 2015 I found a cheaper hotel and made an aggreement with ZF2EJ to use his super station; ZF1A. This time I participated in the Worked All European DX CW Contest and made 1.073 QSO’s and nearly the same amount of QTC’s.
It was a great experience to meet Edward and use his big antennas. This helped me to a 19th place in DX category. Best 10-minutes rate: 144


My visits in Cape Verde brought me to the capitol Praia.
In 2015 I wanted to find a place from where I could make a nice score in the ARRL DX CW Contest in February. So I looked at Madeira, Canary Islands and Azores but nowhere I could find place. Then I get in contact with Angelo D4A who would be happy to let me use his antennas – GREAT.
Again I brought my K3 and also a longwire for the low bands. It worked out really fine and the American amateurs gave me lots of pile-ups and 2.480 QSO’s in the end placing me as number eight in the world. Best 10-minutes rate 180.

Next visit to Angelo and Zizi was in 2018, also for the ARRL CW DX Contest. Unfotunately the 80m dipole antenna was broken so no QSO’s on 80 and 160 m bands. I made 2.074 QSO’s and became number 6 in the world. Best 10-minutes rate 192.

Angelo and Zizi live in the heart of the capitol af Cape Verde, Praia in a very nice house. At the top they have a radio shack and just outside on the terasse there is a 10 meter high tower with a 40m beam and a tribander Yagi. It was a great pleasure to meet the two.


My very first contest expedition was to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland in February 2012. Very cold (minus 48c) and very beautiful with clear sight and lots of trips in the surroundings. That was Greenland at its best when it comes to wonderful experiences. Together with my son I had many nice hours in the white land.
Also I had the time to visit OX3HI Holger and OX3KQ Jesper and they showed me the local club in the mountains where I did my first QSO with my call sign XP2I. That was a great great feeling when I started calling CQ and more hundreds amateurs all over the world called me back. I learned the rules of pile-up fairly quickly and fortunately I have now been better at settling them in good order.

OX3KQ Jesper aligning the homebuild Moxon

CQ WPX CW 2012 was my first contest from Greenland. Second was the Scandinavian Activity Contest 2012 and third was LZ DX Contest also in 2012. In 2013 I participated in the CQ WW DX CW Contest and managed to get a nice 21st place in the Single Operator All Band Low Power category WorlWide. And I also became number 5 WorldWide in the Classic Over-Lay.

Until now (15/5-2020) my last trip to Kangerlussuaq was in November 2019 participating in CQ WW DX CW Contest in the 20 meter SO HP category. It gave me a 24th place WorldWide.

Highest one-hour rate: 168 [Greenland Record] — — Highest ten-minutes rate: 192

Info about my Greenland trips

Pictures from Greenland


Madeira is a great place where I have been several times with success.

My first visit to Madeira was in February 2019 and I was staying at a hotel in Porto Moniz where I mounted a Diamond BB7V antenne for 80-10m and used my Elecraft K3.
I used my Portoguise call sign CT9ABR and participated in ARRL DX CW Contest with limited result. Best 10-minutes rate: 120 See result

Second trip to the island was in May 2019 to participate in the King of Spain contest and i stayed in Ponta Delgada where I used Windom Antenna 80-10m and my K3 radio. Participated in King of Spain CW Contest with a nice result. Best 10-minutes rate: 108
See result

Third time on Madeira in August 2019 I had arrangement with Ricardo CT3KN that I could use hes shack and antenna. I sent a Windom 160-10m antenna to him in advance and he mounted it in his tower so everything worked when I arrived.
My participation was for the WAEDC CW Contest as a DX station and with call sign CR3EE. I had a great time in the “Pátio da torre” and got a really nice result in the contest. With 1.491 QSO’s and 1455 QTC’s I got a 5th place in the world.   Best 10-minutes rate: 168
See result

February 2020 I visited Madeira and Ricardos “Tower Farm” again. This time it was for the ARRL DX CW Contest and I did a nice job. At this time [March 2020] my Claimed score is 1.800 QSO’s that should be a 6th place in the world. Best 10-minutes rate: 192


I have been in Malta two times (at this moment 1/1-2020) and non of them gave me good results in contests.
The reason for this was the high level of noise on the bands. Big QRN did it impossible for me to hear stations outside EU and many US stations was calling me with no response. That was not good.
I used my Elecraft K3 and a 21mtr wire antenna and a 10mtr high vertical.


I have only visited Sicily once and it was on a family holiday. I brought my Ten Tec Eagle radio and a Buddipole antenna. That was no success at all and I only had few contacts.
But the island was nice and I climbed to the top of Etna and we all had a wonderful time living in a big house with a great park.