XP2I Henning

20. January 2020
Final work is done
432 QSL cards on their way

QSL cards delivered by Tony LZ1JZ in a nice quality and good colours. Printed with the help of my UcxLog program and HP 2055 laserprinter and all signed by me. January 22 I am visitting EDR HQ in Odense and then the cards are on the way to the 432 Radio Operators around the world.
It has been another nice trip to Greenland and I will go there again when propagations tells me to.

30. October 2019
My next adventure goes to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland

The flight is booked and I will stay at the Kangerlussuaq Youth Hostel. I look forward to meet Holger OX3HI and to find out which antennas I can put up in the tower.

I have had 5 good trips to Greenland back in 2012/2013 and with very good results in the contests.
Also I have many verified QSO's including Paper-cards, LoTW verifications and eQSL verifications. Look at the litle painting I've made with some figures which tells the distribution of the various forms of QSL's received. [LoTW is very popular]

For OQRS ClubLog:   XP2I
--[30. september 2019]--
No trip to Greenland in 2014-2015-2016-2017-2018. I look forward to be active from Kangerlussuaq in 2019.

--[16. september 2014]--
More QSL cards received via bureau. Now answered.

--[17. august 2014]--
I'm Planning a trip to Greenland in late November - hopefully all things go right and my plans come true.
Unfortunately I had to drop it - in stead I went to Cayman Islands as ZF2EE.

--[18. june 2014]--
New QSL-cards received and around 600 sent via Buro.
[QSL made by Tony LZ1JZ]

--[10. october 2013]--
Yet another 2 pounds of QSL-cards have been shipped via Buro today.

--[2 September 2013]--
Now I have planned activity from Kangerlussuaq November 21-24, 2013.
The days before Contest I will be active mostly on the WARC bands with CW only.

November 23-24, I participate in The 2013 CQ World-Wide DX Contest using my Ten Tec 599 100W transceiver.

I do hope to meet you on the bands!

--[11. juni 2013]--
Another 450 QSL-cards have been answered and shipped to the bureau today.

--[6. April 2013]--
Today I finalized the second round of answering QSL card received through OZ-bureau.
1,15 Kg cards is now on the way to confirm QSO's made in 2012. I had to print more cards, so the layout are a litle different now.

--[February 2013]--
This is two videos showing my very first operation from Greenland back in february 2012.

Video-1   I used Jespers radioequipment and so everything was new for me. Also the huge Pile-Up.
Video-2   One hour later I was working in Split mode and that was a little better. Still Pile-Up.

--[Dezember 2012 ]--
So far, my "November-trip 2012" was my last travel to Kangerlussuaq.
Again I have to thank OX3KQ Jesper for his great help. Without him it wouldn't be possible.

On my 4 trips I totally made 5869 QSO's with 4285 different Amateur Radio Stations in 113 different countries around the world.
I participated in 3 different Contests in three different categories. In the CQ WPX I even managed to make a World-record in 20M Low Power category.

When looking in my log I can see that more stations have contacted me on several bands and the two most active was SP7HOV and S57MPU with contacts on 6 different bands.
5 bands contacts I had with DL6KVA, F6GCP, HB9AVE, HG7T, K3RA, N4NO, N5AW, OK2PAY, PAØABM, RG5A, S58N, SP6RT, UA4CR and VE9DX.

HG7T has 9 contacts. RG5A has 8 contacts. DG7EE, N4NO and VE9DX each have 7 contacts. Stations with 6 contacts is DL5ML, DL6ATM, DL6KVA, EW8EW, HB9ALO, N5AW, RT9A, RW3XW, S57MPU, SP7HOV and UR3GU.

Look at the statistic for 2012 here:

5Q2T(10M) - OU3A(40) - OU4O(20) - OV2V(10,20,40) - OV3X(20) - OZØJ(20) - OZ1ADL(30,40) - OZ1BUR(10) - OZ1BZQ(20) - OZ1CWH(10) - OZ1DGQ(15,20) - OZ1DJJ(10,20) - OZ1FAO(30,40,160) - OZ1IKY(10) - OZ1KEF((20) - OZ1LXJ(20,40,160) -
OZ2JI(10,20) - OZ3ABE(20) - OZ3IZ(17) - OZ4ACK(10,30) - OZ4B(30,40) - OZ4CG(20) - OZ4FF(10,17,30) - OZ4O(10,15,20) -
OZ5BD(10,20) - OZ5DX(10) - OZ5KU(10,20) - OZ5MD(10) - OZ5UR(10,20) - OZ6ABL(12) - OZ6AGD(10) - OZ6AGX(20) - OZ7BQ(20) - OZ7JZ(10,17,40) - OZ7RQ(40) - OZ7TTT(20) - OZ7YL(15) - OZ7YY(10,17) - OZ8ABE(30,160) - OZ8AE(12) - OZ8BZ(10,30) - OZ8PG(20) og OZ8SW(15)

[24. august 2012] -    Limited access to Black Ridge

As you may have heard, around July 11, there was a sharp melting of the inland ice in Kangerlussuaq which caused the Watson River water to rise greatly and it ended up taking both the bridge and a backhoe -[Watch video]
As a result, there was no access from Kangerlussuaq to Black Ridge where the XP1AB radio station is located. And here in the middle of August there is not yet a fixed connection over the river so that you can drive by car.
  Maybe we will have to walk up to the station - a trip of approx. 6 kilometers up mountain roads. Jesper OX3KQ says that the last time he was up on the mountain he twisted his foot - and if such a thing happens, there is far way down to the city again.

We hope they have built a bridge before we are going there in about 14 days !!

[20. august 2012] -    QSL Information

OX3JI: Til OZ2JI via EDR bureau.   Log uploades til eQSL.
OX/OZØJ: Direkte eller til OZØJ via EDR bureau.   Log uploades til LoTW.
XP2I: Direct or to OZ2I via EDR bureau.   Log uploades til LoTW ultimo October 2012.

[12. august 2012] - Now I have answered all QSL that I have received so far through the OZ bureau. It was approx. 400.

[5. august 2012] - So the trip to Kangerlussuaq is about to take form and we have got several things in order.

-  Call sign for CW SAC contest will be XP2I.
-  We participate as Multi Operator Single TX High Power.
-  Radio is Yaesu FT1000 Mark V Field and KW (that I do not know the name on :o)
-  Antennas: 10M/5elm - 15M/4elm - 20M/3elm+2elm - 40M/?? - 80M/??

[12. juli 2012] - Yet another trip to Kangerlussuaq is planned.

On 15/16 September, OZØJ/Jørgen, OZ2JI/OX3JI/Jens and I OZ2I/XP2I/Henning will run the Scandinavian Activity Contest CW from Kangerlussuaq. We plan to participate as Multi/Single and aim to get really busy.
I will be in Greenland from 13 to 18 September and expect to be quite active as XP2i with my Ten-Tec. How much time is left is still uncertain as we must also have equipment fitted to the SAC test. But of course there will be an opportunity to test the conditions on the various bands.

More information as time approaches.

[6. juni 2012] - Here are some statistics for QSOs from my first 2 trips to Kangerlussuaq. I have now been there in February and in May 2012.>

I have made a total of 2,089 QSO's with 1986 different amateur stations in 90 different countries.

  Well over 100 QSL cards have been issued directly and a few through agency.   The log will be uploaded to LoTW around mid-June.

  See how I did in WPX CW Contest.

Here you see my Setup for Greenland. There is a Palm Radio Mini Paddle sitting under the station.

Link to Ten-Tec:
TEN-TEC Amateur Radio Equipment

 - The Radio license Cat:A is received
 - The call signal is XP2I
 - Accommodation and catering are in place

[09.02.2012] - Now the time of departure is approaching. I have collected warm clothes and made a to-do list of the gear I need to include on the trip. Fortunately, I do not need antennas and power supplies to keep the weight down to approx. 10Kg. Then there is also room for some clothes   ;o)
I hope to be active on the low bands - especially 160 meters and 80-40-30-17 meters. I will announce the frequencies and times here on the site if I get internet connection.
The low bands should be good for the EU from about 18 UTC and to NA a few hours later.

Foreløbig plan for aktivitet er:
24. februar Kl. 20 - 23 UTC
25. februar Kl. 15 - ?? UTC
27. februar Kl. 15 - ?? UTC
[11.01.2012] - My class-A license has just arrived and was waited with excitement.
I started with the preparations back in November 2011, exploring the possibilities of broadcasting permits and what travel companies had trips to Greenland.

I will be active from Kangerlussuaq (Sdr. Strømfjord) at the end of February.
It is probably the world's smallest DXpedition as the participants consist only of my son (not radio amateur) and myself. I will try to be as active as possible when there are no excursions or other tourist activities.

My plans are:

  > Activity 24. - 27. februar 2012
  > Time around 15-03 UTC
  > QRV on HF bands 160 - 10 meter if possible
  > Mode is 100% CW
  > Station is my Ten-Tec Eagle 599

I am in contact with Jesper/OX3KQ who invited me to use the clubhouse on Black Ridge where there are antennas and other equipment - if you want more information about the place you can read here.

Those were the plans - then we have to see how it is implemented in reality. I have started to find warm clothes and practical shoes.


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