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A great contest and a great station I used.

Normaly I bring my own antennas when I'm traveling and most often this is a 10 meter high vertical with a Diamond UNUN in the feedpoint. It has given me many a good QSO and it has helped me to make some good results in different contests.

[August 25] - Preliminary scores of the WAEDC gives me a 5th place in DX.

On Madeira I did not have much luck with the vertical and therefore it was a great pleasure when I got an arrangement with Ricardo CT3KN, that I could use his towers and antennas. His Tower Farm is located about 550 meter ASL on the northside of the island - excellent!

After climbing the tower I got the CushCraft tribander to work well and changed it's direction against Europe. Together with a Windom for 160-10 meter bands, I had access to all five bands used in the WAEDC contest.
The days up till the contest I had some nice contacts on different WARC bands and got nice reports from many EU stations.

Here you can see a picture of my final log - Looks great to me  ;o)

Please feel free to look around on this web-site and maybe find some interesting analyses.
GREAT thanks to Ricardo for use of his QTH and antennas at the "
Vy best 73 de CR3EE/OZ2I Henning

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